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Press Release: March 01, 2016

2016 marks the 5th season for the popular combination product "One & Done".

2016 marks the 5th season for the popular combination product "One & Done". In 2011 EPA granted Knox Fertilizer Company registration for this first ever fertilizer combination of Acelepryn insecticide and Dimension pre-emergent herbicide; two of the most popular control products in the Turf business today.

As is to be expected by extremely successful products, the competition is quick to follow. What sets Shaw's Turf Food apart from the rest of these followers is our "food". When you buy the Shaw's One & Done product formulated on SurfCote and XRT fertilizer technology, you are getting a unique combination of fertility performance as well as pinnacle pest and herbicide control all in one. The others can make their claims, but Knox Fertilizer and Shaw's Turf Food stands alone as the original One & Done!

About Acelepryn

Applied before or during egg-laying, but before egg-hatch, Acelepryn insecticide controls all white grub species plus key insect pests, such as annual bluegrass weevil, cutworms, caterpillars and crane flies. It has low impact on non-target organisms.

About Dimension

Dimension herbicide provides excellent preemergence and early postemergence control of all three types of crabgrass - large, smooth and southern species - when applied before crabgrass tillering. Dimension will also control or suppress more than 40 annual grass and broadleaf weeds with exceptional safety to turf grasses.

Press Release: May 29, 2002

SHAW'S MACH 2 & Fertilizer CHANGES - Supplemental Labeling

The past winter and current weather conditions, bodes to be one favoring larger than average grub and insect populations in turf areas. Recently Dow AgroSciences has announced changes to all MACH 2* specialty insecticide labels - liquid, granular and on fertilizer. This announcement changes the maximum rate to 2 Lbs. active ingredient for all grub species. When it comes to delivering season-long control of turf-damaging grubs, nothing beats the proven performance of Mach 2 specialty insecticide. Mach 2 offers a wide application window that allows you treat grubs through the second instar - without the need for immediate irrigation. Mach 2 also provides powerful control of cutworms, sod webworms, and armyworms at a 1 - lb. active ingredient rate. And now, Mach 2 is labeled for use at a standard 2 - lb. Rate of active ingredient per acre to control key grub species.

Shaw's Turf Food & .86% Mach 2 can be used as directed on any turf grass site lawns, sod production, commercial, industrial, and athletic field turf. Mach 2 insecticide mimics the action of a natural insect hormone inducing the molting and metamorphosis process in target insects. The activity of Turf Food and Mach 2 is expressed following ingestion by the target larvae. Timing of application of the product is dependent on the feeding behavior of the target species. If Sod web worm (lepidopterous) is the target species with the additional idea of controlling grub complex; some of the later hatching grub species such as chafers may not be effectively controlled because of timing issues. For best control follow label directions completely: To achieve optimum product effectiveness, the following turf management practices are suggested:

  • Minimize thatch since heavy thatch will prevent the insecticide from penetrating to areas where insects are feeding
  • Make applications prior to egg hatch or when larvae are small and actively feeding late spring (June) through mid summer.
  • Mach 2 and Turf Food is not dependent upon immediate irrigation for activation. However, water must transport the material through thatch. Under conditions of drought it is recommended to water Mach 2 plus Turf Food into the turf.
  • Current rates for Shaw's 12-4-8 30% SCU .86% Mach 2 recommended by new supplemental labels - no more than 232 pounds per acre annually or .65lbs of N per 1,000 sqft . Another SHAW'S low nitrogen option is 6-0-0 .86% MACH 2. with .32 lbs. of N per 1,000 sqft., at 232 pounds per acre. In the future, new registrations will be offered by Dow AgroSciences that will allow 2 Lbs. active ingredient per acre rate of MACH 2 with a lower amount of product spread per acre. Until then, consider contacting the nearest SHAW'S distributor to try the above standard Shaw Mach 2 plus Turf Food as your grub and surface lepidopterous insect control of choice.
    JMPope - 5/28/02

    *trademark of Dow AgroSciences


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    03-01-16 2016 marks the 5th season for the popular combination product "One & Done".
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