KMB Technologies Introduces Polymer Coated Urea Technology at GIS New SurfCoteTM-N will be available in Shaw’s Turf Food fertilizers in 2008

Press Release: February 2008

KMB Technologies Introduces Polymer Coated Urea Technology at GIS
New SurfCoteTM-N will be available in Shaw’s Turf Food fertilizers in 2008

KMB Technologies is introducing a polymer coated urea technology at the Golf Industry Show (GIS) that promises to extend the nutrient release of fertilizers for up to 90 days. SurfCoteTM-N is a slow-release urea for general turf production and will be available through Knox Fertilizer distribution in the Shaw’s Turf Food line for spring 2008.

The Surf® technology, or Sustained Uniform Release Fertilizer, is a patented polymer coating that represents a new era of “smart” fertilizers that will help golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, landscaping companies, as well as specialty crop growers, improve their environmental impact as well as their bottom line.

“At a time of increased environmental awareness, SurfCote-N is the right product at the right time for our customers,” says Robert Shaw, President of Knox Fertilizer Company. “With slow release technology, a consistent nutrient source is always available to the plant for optimum growth but without the time-consuming and costly inconvenience of repeat applications. SurfCote-N also reduces the opportunity for plant burn and over application and waste of nutrients.

Nearly four years in development, the Surf technology has undergone three full years of rigorous, independent field testing with Universities in south, east and Midwest, each demonstrating consistent results over diverse geography and conditions.

For Knox Fertilizer, SurfCote-N is another in a string of new products launched to the market in the past 12 months. In addition to SurfCote-N, they introduced PlatinumTM homogenous fertilizer for greens, tees and fairway applications; GroGardTM, an amino acid growth promoter; and Cutless®, a turf growth regulator that reduces the need for mowing and the volume of grass clippings.

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KMB Technologies, LLC is wholly-own subsidiary of Knox Fertilizer Company that focuses on developing new and innovative nutrient management technologies for turf, golf course and lawn & landscape industries. For more information, call 574-772-6275, x224.